Why I opened the Grove.

 So, I'm Birka, real name Cat and I'm a Seidhr-type, Witchy-type, Heathen-type person. I'm married to a lovely Heathen type man that I met while I was living in South Korea (of all places) and we live in Germany. Or at least we both finally will when he gets back from the Sandbox.

I'm kind of at an impasse right now when it comes to the Heathen community at large. I have been for a while. On the one hand, there are many in the community that I love to pieces and hold very dear. However there are aspects of the community that I really really hate.

Recently I read a post on LJ written by a Celtic Reconstructionalist talking about an orthodoxy of fear that operates in the Pagan and Heathen communities. A kind of peer pressure to not say the 'wrong' things, to not try the 'wrong' things and to basically toe the party line. The more I have thought about this post, the more I think it is true. My personal practice has changed so much because of this peer pressure from others in my community and not necessarily for the better. I'm constantly checking myself, stopping myself from following instinct in case what I'm going to do would be looked upon badly by the community. I'm beginning to feel a bit stifled and that the label 'Heathen' is becoming a burden rather than something that I joyfully embrace. This is not a change in beliefs, this is merely a change in attitude towards a community that is getting closer and closer to its own definitions of blasphemy with every day that passes.

From Erynn999 at Book of Leaves

''"Vision and history as equals, as equally necessary. Both must be measured against the other. Without history we have nothing to support our practice. Without vision, history is sterile dust. We are denying ourselves a rich and engaging colloquy about practice and community when we stifle outlying perceptions and voices..."

This site is my place to walk my way, do things my way, explore things my way, refind my balance between vision and history and hang what anyone else thinks about it!