I'm an army wife, for the past 10 months my husband has been away from home. This is challenging. The Christian wives have their support in the form of their churches, however there is nothing in our community for Heathen wives. In fact we are very much neglected by our own community.

This is not a path that people can talk or write about until they have worn these shoes, until they know what it is to see your husband or wife go off to war and not know if they are coming back. Unfortunately, there aren't many of us in these shoes doing the talking or writing.

Things are changing though, the AFA have gotten together a campaign for fallen Heathen soldiers to be able to have the Thor's Hammer on their grave markers should they wish. They are also looking at supporting Heathen soldiers and families.

About time too!!!

Please go to the site and support the Hammer Campaign by signing the petition today!


This campaign will not just stop at a petition, it's just that with the nature of these kinds of requests and dealing with the VA, things have to be done carefully and until we have the wording right for our letters and the processes clear on how best to proceed - this is the best for now.


As well as being involved in the Hammer Project, I wanted to produce materials based on my experiences that other Heathen Army Wives could look at and maybe find useful.

This is where this blog comes in.