Not so long ago, I was sitting in my sitting room chatting to my husband online when there was this really loud popping plasticy noise. It had been in the same room and yet I could see nothing.

Being the inquisitive type, I went around the sitting room looking for what could have caused it and everywhere else. I checked all plastic things I could find in the house, I checked the electrics, even went to the breaker box to check that nothing had gone funky there.


Still, I felt like I was being watched, especially in the hallway and so I just told whatever it was in English and German that if it was here to cause bother then it should bugger off because I'm not in the mood and I will deal with it. However if it was here to just hang out and not do anything then it was ok by me.

A few nights ago, I was once again talking to my husband when I saw a small man (not much higher than a metre) come walking towards me wearing a shirt and breeches. I told my husband.

'Wow, that sounds like a kobold!!!'

So I looked it up and the house dwelling kind indeed were the size of children in the lore and wore peasant clothing. The bit I didn't like was the bit about them being very similar to boggarts. My native area is boggart country. We know boggarts and I wasn't too keen on having something like one in my house. But then I figured if it was good then why not?

I did get the very definite idea not to leave it offerings though because it would only keep demanding more and more and doing things around the house until it got more and more.

Last night I made offerings to the Gods and as I was pouring the wine into the offering dish I heard a series of bangs throughout our apartment.

'Look you!' I said 'I'm not a Christian, so don't go getting demanding on me or you're gone. The Gods and ancestors are the only ones that get stuff in this house!'

It's been quiet since *touch wood*

One thing I have noticed since it's moved in though, is odd looking items of cutlery that I didn't buy keeps turning up in the drawer.

Watch this space. lol

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