Welcome to the Grove.

...I see her
Pale and full of grace
She moves among the birches
And I follow

As fast as I dare

I run through the bracken


and rocks

To the birches where I saw her

Then I stop

A fleeting glimpse
And then I'm chasing again
She leads me to birch

Her treasure trove

A place where the old Gods rule
A sacred grove.

Welcome to my little place on the web. Like many folks over the years, I've had many places on the big wide t'interweb but I'm hoping that this one will develop into something more special than the others.

This is not a place for lore - although that will certainly come into it. It's a place of impressions and personal religious experience, a place for musings, poetry and essays. If you're lore-based then don't expect that here. This is more of a woo woo mystical place. You guys have your places - all over most of the Heathen web. We more mystical types need our places too.

This is one of them.
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