As Signy laid in bed
And made her final plan
She thought of the body next to her
And her hate for that cursed man

She remembers how he killed her family
As soon as they were wed
How he broke the bonds of Frith
Then joyfully took her off to bed

She remembers how she wanted to weep
As his weight was upon her
But no matter how hard he tried
He got no cries from her

'Take it Volsung bitch
Your family is dead but it won't be so easy for you
You're my prize, bitch
You'll bear my sons too!'

She remembers how she lay
Emotionless while he finished
Blessed relief as he rolled off
Fixing her gaze on the ceiling

These sons he spoke of
Would be her revenge
Her soldiers to sacrifice
Her victory in this world of men

So she'll lie in this bed
Dreaming of her plan
No longer minding his body
Or the attentions of that cursed man

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